About EuropeDirectShopping B.V.

In 2012 the owners of EuropeDirectShopping B.V. where introduced to the Ottoman Bedframes. The beds are beeing sold since 1998 in Engeland and today the frames are a default item in the furniture world.

In Januari 2013 the webshop open for the selling of Ottoman Bedframes in the Netherlands. Halfway through 2013 we increased our market to Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Denmark and Spain.

Thanks to the high import volume and the smart warehouse location, the cost stay low and a very competative price can be given to our customers. Also every item available for purchase is in stock, combined with UPS/Seabourne for shipment there is never a long wait before delivery.

Kwality and service come before anything else, from the first moment of contact untill your order is in your house.